Target apologises after “technology issue” causes checkouts to be down for 2nd consecutive day


Target was forced to apologise to its customers over the weekend after an “internal technology issue” caused all of its tills to stop operating.

The US retail giant has suffered outages on two consecutive days, leading to chaos in stores and a backlash on social media.

On Saturday Target suffered a global point-of-sale machine outage, rendering checkouts across its 1800 store estate entirely unusable for more than two hours.

It blamed this outage on an “internal technology issue” but failed to provide any further details about the error other than confirming “that this was not a data breach or security-related issue”.

In what it has described as an unrelated incident, Target’s suffered issues with its checkouts on the Sunday, this time blaming a third-party vendor.

“Like many other companies, Target uses NCR as a vendor to help accept payments, and on Sunday afternoon NCR experienced an issue at one of their data centers,” Target’s spokeswoman Jenna Reck said.

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“While this was not an issue within Target’s technology system, Target was unable to process select card payments at some stores for about 90 minutes. The issue is now resolved and payments are going through normally.

“Although this was unrelated to Saturday’s issue, we know many guests had a frustrating shopping experience in our stores this weekend. For that, we are truly sorry. We never want to disappoint any guests and we’re working tirelessly to ensure these issues don’t happen again.”

Target was especially keen to dispel any concerns that the outage could have been a results of any sort of security breach after it was forced to pay $162 million in expenses following a serious data breach in 2013.

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