Dominos to begin delivering pizza with robots

Dominos is set to start delivering its pizzas via autonomous delivery robots thanks to a new partnership with Nuro.

The pizza giant has joined forces with Nuro, a start-up developing self-driving technology founded by three former Google engineers, and is set to begin delivering pizza’s autonomously in Houston, Texas, later this year.

Customers will reportedly be able to have their pizza delivered by a human driver, or by Nuro’s autonomous R2 robot, via the Dominos app or online.

They’ll be given a keycode upon completion of their order, notified when the R2 is outside, then use the keycode to open its compartments.

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Nuro’s R2 robot, the second iteration of its autonomous delivery fleet, will go into service later this year.

Its predecessor, the R1, has been delivering goods for US grocery giant Kroger in Houston and Scottsdale, Arizona for around a year, and is capable of carrying the equivalent of six bags of shopping in its two compartments.

Like its previous pilots, Nuro’s initial deliveries will be followed by a safety vehicle with a human operator to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This is not Dominos first foray into autonomous deliveries, having run a short pilot with Ford’s autonomous vehicles in 2017, as well as working alongside autonomous delivery company Starship Technologies in Europe.

It is also reportedly facing a driver shortage, with over 10,000 positions currently available across the US, which it is hoping to rectify with autonomous delivery.

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