Spoon Guru partners with Woolworths, Jet.com and Ahold Delhaize

Spoon Guru, the AI-powered dietary tech start-up, has announced a string of partnerships which will see its technology rolled out globally.

The app, which partnered with Tesco in 2017 and has reportedly led to a basket conversion rates increasing as much as 500 per cent, allows users with special dietary requirements to search a retailer’s stock and filter out items they can’t eat.

It has now announced a raft of new international partnerships which will see its AI-powered technology integrated into retailers’ digital platforms in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

In the US Spoon Guru is partnering with Jet, which is part of the Walmart Group, in Australia and New Zealand its is working with Woolworths, and in the Netherlands, it is working with Ahold Delhaize’s subsidiary Albert Heijn.

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When shopping online with any of Spoon Guru’s new partners, customers will now be able to filter their food searches to account for any specific dietary requirements, whether that be a nut allergy, vegan friendly food, or even items with low saturated fat.

Its technology uses a combination of AI, algorithms and human expertise to give each item a dietary tag, and it is reportedly more efficient and accurate than health professionals when it comes to recommending foods.

“If what you eat is who you are, Spoon Guru has found a way to help billions of users meet their identity,” Red Herring’s chairman Alex Vieux said.

“The AI platform scans all distributed foods and enables users to acknowledge all they ingurgitate on a daily basis. Transparency has never gone as far and the platform is already adopted by grocers around the food chain. An amazing rise and a ready to use solution at our fingertips. Thus Red Herring has selected Spoon.Guru as one of the Red Herring Top 100 2019.”

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