YouTube launches AR Beauty Try-On feature letting users virtually try on makeup

YouTube is introducing a new augmented reality (AR) feature which allows users to virtually try on make up while watching beauty tutorials.

In a bid to capitalise on the wildly popular makeup tutorial videos on its platform, which wracked up an estimated 169 billion views last year, YouTube is testing the new high-tech feature.

The “AR Beauty Try-On” feature will split the screen so users can both see an image of themselves and watch the tutorial.

While streaming the video, the front facing window will superimpose the makeup virtually onto their face, offering options like different shades of lipstick.

Though the feature is still in the alpha testing stage, YouTube is understood to have already tested it with numerous beauty brands, including MAC which is the first to launch the feature.

(Google’s AR demonstration begins at 6:15)

Unlike other AR beauty apps, which have been launched by brands including L’Oreal and Sephora, YouTube’s offering acts more as an interactive advert, allowing brands to connect with YouTube’s influencers to market their products through paid sponsorships.

This comes amid an increasing push into AR from YouTube’s owner Google, which announced during its I/O 2019 developers conference that AR technology will soon be added to standard Google search results.

This will allow anyone searching on Google with their phone to view 3D models of their selected subject virtually superimposed onto the real world, allowing the user to explore and interact with them in greater detail.

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