Lego’s CMO slams tech giants for exposing children to “damaging” content


Lego’s chief marketing officer (CMO) has slammed big internet companies for exposing children to content that is “actually damaging to them and their privacy is not protected”.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week, Lego’s CMO Julia Goldin said that her company struggles with online advertising because its target audience is children, but it didn’t feel many platforms offered sufficient protection for young users.

She added that Lego doesn’t advertise via platforms that it doesn’t feel are safe for children, and is “very careful about where we actually will put advertising that’s targeted to children.”

When asked about advertising on YouTube, which requires users to be 13 or older to sign up, Goldin said that its advertising on the platform was “really focused on adults”, rather than children.

“Platforms need to have more transparency and take more responsibility,” Goldin added.

“We also need to take more responsibility for how we work with platforms, both individually as brands but collectively as an industry.

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“Right now, they are on platforms where they are exposed to content that is actually damaging to them and their privacy is not protected… I don’t think we should accept that.”

In an effort to reach children without having to rely on tech giants like Google and Facebook, which along with YouTube has faced questions over their accountability and ability to properly regulate content, Lego is using its own social media platform Lego Life.

Launched in 2017 and currently boasting over 6 million members, Lego Life is an online community for children to upload photos of their own Lego creations which Goldin describes as a “super safe digital platform”.

Children use avatars instead of personal photos and Lego says it does not collect any private data, and monitors all content using machine learning and human reviews.

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