Tesco Twitter hacked by Bitcoin scammers

A Tesco spokesperson has confirmed that it has resolved issues on its Twitter account, after it was apparently hacked by Bitcoin scammers.

Earlier this week the supermarket’s official Twitter account, which has over half a million followers, was hijacked for around two hours.

Hackers changed Tesco’s picture to that of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, while changing its handle to “@billgatesmsc”.

It also sent out various tweets encouraging people to invest in Bitcoin, while offering to give away free Bitcoin in return for investments.

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One tweet read: “Bitcoin is on the rise again! One day, it will without doubt replace fiat currencies. I’d like to give back to the community, therefore any Bitcoin you send to this address, I will send back double! Comment your BTC address below when done.”

Tesco’s @TescoNews account tweeted at around 10pm that it was “aware of some issues” with its @Tesco account and was looking into the matter.

A spokesperson has since confirmed to Essential Retail that the issue has been resolved, but no details were given about the nature of the hack.

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