Japanese retailer Shiseido customises your skin serum based on iPhone photos, the weather and menstrual cycles

Japanese beauty retailer Shiseido is offering its customers perfect skin as it launches a new app which analyses their skin and creates a unique blend of serums tailored to their needs.

Shiseido’s Optune subscription service doesn’t come cheap at Y10,000 (£73.16), but promises to deliver its customers the “perfect formula” for their skin.

The service, which is currently being piloted in Japan, uses an iPhone app to take photos of a customer’s face to detect specific skin conditions.

Along with various other sets of data including a customer’s sleep rhythms, menstrual cycles, the weather and air pollution levels, Optune will determine an exact formula.

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A cylindrical device which is included in the subscription, contains five different serums each with a different function.

It will mix and dispense a personalised formula twice a day, and has the potential to create over 80,000 different combinations.

The service launched on Monday in Japan, and could be rolled out across more markets if it proves successful, however the brand warned it would be challenging to cater to a greater variety of skin complexions.

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