Amazon workers strike in Germany over “discount on incomes”

Workers at seven of Amazon’s sites across German have timed in a strike with the retailer’s Prime Day activity, demanding better pay and conditions for logistics workers.

According to labour union Verdi, workers began their strike on Sunday evening and will continue into Monday, through the retailer’s 48 hour artificial retail holiday.

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Prime Day offers discounts to Amazon’s Prime customers, encouraging non-members to sign up in order to benefit from the offers.

Striking under the Moto of “No more discounts on our incomes”, the industrial action is taking place across Amazon’s sites in Werne, Rheinberg, Leipzig, Graben, Koblenz, as well as at Amazon’s two sites in Bad Hersfeld.

“While Amazon fuels bargain hunting on Prime Day with hefty discounts, employees are being deprived of a living wage,” said Verdi retail specialist Orhan Akman in a statement.

“The company must finally recognise the collective wage agreements for the retail and mail order sectors,” Akman said. “Wages and salaries at Amazon must no longer be determined in the style of a lord of the manor.”

This is the first year Amazon workers in the US will also stage a walkout during a vital sales event, with workers at the retailer’s warehouses in Minnesota also protesting across Prime Day.

Workers at Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Shakopee will stage a six-hour walkout today, the first of the retailer’s 48-hour Prime Day event.

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