Google whistleblower Jack Poulson launches ethical non-profit for tech workers

Google whistleblower Jack Poulson has launched Tech Inquiry, a non-profit with the aim to make it easier for employees of tech companies to speak out when they feel ethical boundaries are being crossed.

In a call for greater transparency across the tech sector, Poulson’s project also argues that tech workers should have the right to know when they are working on projects they may find ethically unacceptable.

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Poulson made headlines in September 2018 for resigning from his job at Google over the company’s plans to build Project Dragonfly, a censorship AI for the Chinese market.

Tech Inquiry’s launch comes at a time of growing discontent for tech workers in Silicon Valley, with workers at Microsoft, Amazon and Intel reported to be fighting against working for technology that would enable censorship or racism. 

“I believe tech workers need informed consent about when their work may lead to loss of life or suppression of human rights or freedoms,” Poulson told the Guardian.

“How is it that we help tech workers who saw something go wrong? How is it that we ensure they have a trusted avenue, somewhere to reach out, that isn’t necessarily going straight to a journalist?” Poulson added.

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