EU could launch major Amazon antitrust probe “within days”

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager is set to launch a formal investigation into Amazon “within days” according to two people familiar with the case speaking to Bloomberg.

Now into her fifth year of cracking down on US technology giants, Vestager is believed to be beginning a formal, “full-blown” anti trust investigation into the company and its practices related to third-party sellers.

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The impending investigation is likely to focus on how Amazon uses data from third-party sellers.

 Amazon has been criticised for allegedly using data from third-party sellers who use its retail platform to create their own similar, competing merchandise through the company’s AmazonBasics brand.

“If powerful platforms are found to use data they amass to get an edge over their competitors, both consumers and the market bear the cost,” communications director at European consumer organisation BEUC Johannes Kleis told Bloomberg.

It’s thought Vestager’s investigation could lead to fines for Amazon, or potentially an order to change its business practices.

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