ThirdLove to open first ever physical store with its Fit Finder technology


The disruptive lingerie retailer ThirdLove is set to open its first ever physical store later this year, introducing its “Fit Finder” technology to bricks-and-mortar for the first time.

ThirdLove, which launched online in 2012, uses 60-second online questionnaire to determine the exact size and fit for individual women, who can then purchase one of 78 different sizes.

This Fit Finder service has proven popular for the start-up, which says over 14 million women have used the service leading to a consistent annual sales increase of 180 per cent.

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Its new pop-up store, set to open in Manhattan’s SoHo district at the end of the year, will use this technology in-store to avoid what its co-founder calls the anxiety and awkwardness associated with traditional bra fitting.

In this vein it will also configure changing rooms in its store differently, putting drawers in the back of dressing rooms in which sales associates can hand them garments without having to enter.

It plans to gather data on customers’ attitudes towards its first bricks-and-mortar store, but has not yet said whether it plans to open more physical stores in future.

“One of the things that we heard is our customer has this desire to really interact with our brand and interact with us in person to touch and feel product,” co-founder and co-chief executive Heidi Zak said.

“The temporary concept store is really another way for us to present something that our customers are asking for and also to learn from them what’s working and not.

“A woman can tell us what she wants the experience to be and we will cater to that and provide her with an experience that feels right for her.”

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