Dr Martens launches AR app for Lazy Oaf collaboration

Dr Martens has become the latest fashion brand to experiment with augmented reality (AR) as it releases a new feature as part of its tie-up with Lazy Oaf.

The iconic footwear brand has released its latest four-piece collaboration collection with streetwear brand Lazy Oaf, marking the pairs’ third joint release.


This time, with the help of ecommerce agency Eastside Co, customers will be able to view the new range in a full 360, as well as superimpose them onto their surrounding using AR.

Any customers using iOS 12 can visit the Lazy Oaf website and view the shoes in their browser, without the need to download an app, and simply clicking on AR view.

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“Lazy Oaf and Dr. Martens are at the forefront of fashion and look at ways to innovate and improve how their technology-savvy customers shop with them,” Eastside’s founder Jason Stokes said.

“Utilising AR is a practical way for fashion lovers to get up-close with products. The idea is to help customers with hectic lifestyles who are shopping on the go to quickly visualise and explore their chosen products from the comfort of their own space. It’s also important as consumers are increasingly become more eco-conscious and want to limit return deliveries.”

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