Postmates’ autonomous delivery robots get new state-of-the-art navigation sensors

US delivery startup Postmates has unveiled its new automated delivery robot which will use laser lidar sensors from Ouster to navigate the world.

Postmates, which unveiled the first generation of its “Serve” autonomous delivery robot late last year, has announced that its second generation will use light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors from tech startup Ouster, which recently secured $60 million in funding.

Lidar is a method many autonomous vehicles use to create a 3D image of the world around them by shooting a laser at their surroundings and measuring the reflected light with a sensor.

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Ouster’s OS1 sensors, which retail for $12,000 each, will now be installed in all of Postmate’s delivery robots where they will be used alongside its proprietary “socially-aware-navigation” system to navigate sidewalks and detect pedestrians.

The Serve automated delivery robots are due to begin delivering everything from hot food to groceries later this year across Los Angeles.

“The OS1 lidar’s range, size, durability, and high-resolution are a perfect fit for Serve,” vice president of special products at Postmates Ali Kashani said.

“Over the past few years of development, it has become clear that lidar is an integral component to both detecting and interacting with the world around Serve, and Ouster is bridging that connection.”

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