“Strange” myths about e-bikes holding back sales

Electric bicycle sales are being hindered by myths and misunderstandings surrounding them, according to a new study from Halfords.

Despite e-bike sales increasing 47 per cent over the last year, Halfords says that its own research indicated “strange” myths were holding people back from adopting the technology.

These include the misheld beliefs that customers need to purchase road tax and insurance, and that e-bikes can only be recharged at charging points like electric cars.

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Furthermore, only 10 of the 2000 people surveyed believed they could be ridden in the rain.

“There are thousands of e-bikes on the roads, cycling paths and bridleways across the UK, but our research shows there is still a huge amount of confusion about them,” Halfords’ Darren Smith said.

“The myths surrounding e-bikes could impact on a decision to purchase one. Tackling air pollution and emissions are key issues on the Government’s agenda and we need to tackle these misconceptions and help people embrace the move to electric transport.”

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