Christmas shopping season starts this week according to Ebay

This week officially marks the start of Christmas shopping season despite the event being five months away, according to Ebay.

The online marketplace says that the last year searches for “Christmas” in its DVD, film and TV category shot up by nearly 66 per cent in the second week of August, adding that during the month shoppers search for the word Christmas on its platform two times every second.

This trend is also understood to be happening earlier every year, starting in the third week of August in 2017 and the fourth in 2016.

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Other categories like clothes, shoes and accessories see Christmas searches peak later in the year, jumping 107 per cent in the second week of October last year and rising further in early December.

Meanwhile, home, furniture and DIY enjoyed a 17 per cent peak in the third week of November compared to the week prior, suggesting a rapid jump in interest.

Shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean that computers, tablets and networking searches relating to Christmas peaked on November 19 last year.

“Consumers are thinking about Christmas earlier and earlier each year, and the beloved festive film is a perfect indicator of when this merry mindset begins,” Ebay’s director of advertising sales Mike Klinkhammer said.

“Shopping might not be top of the agenda at this stage, but marketers can reap significant reward if they maximise this time to inspire consumers.”

“We’re seeing what’s almost a 70-day window for shoppers looking at Christmas items, but each category has varying starts, finishes and peak weeks.”

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