Bloomingdale’s launches subscription rental service


Bloomingdale’s will soon allow you to rent clothes, becoming the first department store to launch an online subscription rental service.

Its subscription rental service, dubbed “My List at Bloomingdale’s”, is set to launch in September and will cost $149 a month according to WWD.

A separate ecommerce site,, will be launched where users can select at least 10 pieces they want to rent in order to build a profile.

They’ll then receive items from more than 60 brands, including more than 100 exclusive pieces, with several brand expected to make their debut.

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Its initial selection, to which new items will be added every week, will include items from Ramy Brook, Mackage, J Brand and Bloomingdale’s private cashmere brand Aqua.

Each item will be inspected for quality control between and undergo an “extensive cleaning” process between uses.

“Urbanization has led to people living in smaller homes or apartments with limited space for clothes,” Bloomingdale’s executive vice president of general merchandise Denise Magid said.

“Netflix has changed the way we consume movies, while Uber and Airbnb have made it second nature to share our car rides and our homes. Fashion is no exception and our customer is no exception — she wants variety, discovery and experience.”

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