Snapchat’s augmented reality glasses can now shoot in 3D

Snapchat’s new augmented reality glasses will come fitted with dual cameras allowing them to capture 3D images.

Spectacles 3, the social media giants third iteration of its augmented reality sunglasses, will go on sales in November this year on a dedicated ecommerce site

Its latest version, announced today, will be more than twice the price of its previous model at $380 and will feature dual cameras for the first time.

Its “marquee” feature will enable the glasses to capture depth, allowing a range of 3D effects which will be provided by both Snapchat and third-party developers.

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Users will be able to capture photos and videos by tapping a button on top of the glasses and sync them to their smartphone where AR 3D effects, new lighting and landscapes can be added.

Photos will be taken and stored with a resolution of 1642 by 1642 pixels, while videos will be stored at 1216 by 1216 pixels.

Snapchat will be hoping its latest version can recoup some of the $40 million in costs associated with unsold units of its first version of the product.

Last week the image sharing platform said it would raise $1.1 billion in debt largely to fund further AR projects, which have been a big hit on Snapchat.

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