Walmart will use blockchain tech to let delivery drones communicate

Walmart is planning to use blockchain technology to allow delivery drones to communicate, according to a new patent.

Delivery drones will use blockchain technology to transmit information like their speed, height, route, loading capacity and battery information to other drones, according to a patent published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“A blockchain ledger may store any kind of information that may be stored in any other format or medium, for example, a large list of instructions of different types, navigational information, and maps,” the patent read.

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This is the latest in a long list of drone patents filed by the US retailer.

According to data from accounting firm BDO, Walmart has filed for 97 new drone patents with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) since July last year, significantly more than the 57 it made in the previous year.

It is also nearly double the 54 patents its key online rival Amazon made in each of the past two years.

In the year to June 2018 global drone patents filed with WIPO rose 34 per cent, and Walmart’s 57 patents over that period outpaced that of the entire UK.

Earlier this month Walmart also surprised investors by filing a patent for a new US dollar-backed digital currency, seemingly in the same vein as Facebooks widely anticipated Libra.

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