Iceland’s reverse deposit vending machines recycle 1m bottles

Iceland’s reverse vending machines have recycled more the one million plastic bottles since they were launched May last year.

Its bottle deposit return vending machines were launched across four stores in Fulham, Mold, Musselburgh, Wolverhampton last year, and extended to a store in Belfast in January.

Iceland was “the first retailer to trial reverse vending machines”, and the technology has now been adopted by numerous other grocers including the Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Morrisons.

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Two thirds of Iceland customers with access to the machines said they used them at least once a fortnight, while 96 per cent of shoppers said they believed the scheme should be adopted by all retailers.

“The results from our reverse vending machine trials highlight the growing demand from consumers to have a deposit return scheme introduced across the UK,” Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker said.

“We have more than 950 stores across the UK and with the support of the government we could fit a reverse vending machine in every one of our stores. With over 1 million bottles returned to just five of our stores, the positive environmental impact of having machines across the UK would be phenomenal.”

In January, it revealed that the machines had earned shoppers more than £30,000 since they launched six months earlier.

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