Apple issues apology for allowing contractors to listen-in via Siri

Apple on Wednesday issued an apology to its Siri users after hiring contractors to listen in on some recordings.

The tech giant reiterated an earlier pledge to stop keeping audio recorded through Siri unless consumers give their permission.

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“We realise we haven’t been fully living up to our high ideals, and for that we apologize,” said Apple.

The statement comes after it emerged Apple had allowed outsiders to listen in on people’s recorded conversations through Siri.

Now, only Apple employees will be allowed to review audio to help improve its Siri services, although the business did not detail how it would seek permissions to do so from its customers.

The apology comes weeks after Google admitted humans can access recordings made by its Google Assistant artificial intelligence system.

Back in July, Dutch language recordings taken from Google Assistant were leaked to the press.

According to Google, contractors listen to recordings to better understand language patterns and accents, and notes that recordings may be used by the company in its user terms.

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