These high-tech dog houses let you leave your dog safely outside while you shop


Albertsons has installed hi-tech app-connected dog houses outside its stores where customers can leave their dogs while they shop.

DogSpot houses have been placed outside the US food and drug retailer’s stores in Boise and Meridian, and can be accessed via Android and iOS devices.

Using the app, customers can reserve a DogSpot up to 15 minutes before arriving at the stores, and will lock once the dog is inside only opening for the specific app account used access it.

Each DogSpot house is temperature controlled and equipped with a “vet-grade” UVC light to sanitise the house automatically between each use, and will cost 30cents per minute to use.

The app also integrates a “puppy-cam” feature allowing shoppers to check in on their dog while they shop.

“People who have dogs get it — you don’t get a dog to leave them cooped up inside all day,” DogSpot’s co-founder and chief executive Chelsea Brownridge said.

“The best part of their day is going out on walks around town, heading to the dog park, and spending time with you. We’re making it possible to say, ‘Wanna go for a walk?!’ more often and more safely than before.”

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