42% of UK shoppers refuse to pay for delivery


Free delivery is becoming an essential service for fashion retailers as new data reveals nearly half of UK shoppers refuse to pay for delivery.

Forty-two per cent of UK online clothing and footwear customers say they are not prepared to pay for delivery, while a further 43.3 per cent state they will spend no more than £5, according new research from GlobalData.

Just 15.3 per cent of customers said they were willing to pay more than £5 for delivery.

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“Retailers must ensure that minimum basket value thresholds are in place for free delivery to ensure economic viability, but they must also consider that if the basket value is too high and difficult to reach, customers may be put off at having to spend so much,” GlobalData’s retail analyst James Yacoub said.

“New Look, for example only offers free delivery on orders containing full price items totaling more than £100. The store’s standard home delivery costs £3.99, which may alienate shoppers who may have purchased if the threshold was lower.

“Introducing a delivery saver scheme may be a viable option as it can reduce cost per delivery for customers – usually if they place three or more orders – but can also be an effective method to encourage loyalty.

“Retailers such as JD Sports and Boohoo.com have offered saver schemes for a number of years and we are now seeing more retailers such as Topshop getting on board by offering unlimited delivery for a year for £9.95.”

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