Amazon testing biometric payments able to process transactions in 0.3 seconds


Amazon has begun testing biometric payments which could soon allow customers to pay for items with nothing but their hands.

Biometric sensors have been installed on a handful of vending machines at Amazon’s New York office, which its staff can use to pay for snacks, according to the New York Post.

The scanners use “depth geometry” to digitally process the shape and size of an individual’s hand, which will be linked to the individuals Prime and bank accounts.

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Unlike fingerprint scanners used on smartphones Amazon’s system, code-named “Orville”, won’t require the user to make any physical contact with the surface.

Orville is reportedly accurate to within one ten-thousandth of one per cent, but engineers are aiming to improve this to within one millionth of one per cent before its introduced to the public.

It can also process the payment in 300 milliseconds.

It is understood that Amazon aims to roll out the futuristic new payment technology to a number of its Whole Foods stores by the beginning of 2020, before a roll out across all its physical stores in the US.

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