Sainsbury’s scraps UK’s first cashierless grocery store admitting “not all our customers are ready”

Sainsbury’s has scrapped the UK’s first ever cashierless grocery store after a three-month trial admitting “not all our customers are ready for totally till-free” shopping.

The UK’s first till-free grocery store was launched in Holborn Circus in London back in April featuring no manned or self-service checkouts.

Sainsbury’s SmartShop Scan app allowed users to pick and scan items with their smartphone, adding them to a virtual basket before using the same app to pay for them.

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Though the experiment reportedly “created excitement amongst customers” and uptake was as expected, Sainsbury’s has now installed one manned till and two self-service checkouts in the store.

“Some customers preferred to pay with cash and card, which sometimes meant they were queuing to use the helpdesk, particularly at peak times of day,” Sainsbury’s said in a blog post.

“We want to be the most inclusive retailer where people love to work and shop, so it’s really important to us that our customers can pay how they want to.”

The SmartShop Scan app can still be used in store, alongside eight others across London so anyone keen to test the technology can still shop cashlessly.

Amazon’s Go cashierless grocery store format is still due to hit the UK this year, having secured a location in February.

However no solid details about its first Go store outside of the US have been released, meaning cashierless shopping could still be a way off in the UK.

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