Bed time online shopping skyrocketed last year according to John Lewis

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Online shopping during the night has risen dramatically in recent years, as advances in technology make shopping a “24-hour activity”.

John Lewis has revealed that online spending on its website between midnight and 6am has skyrocketed 23 per cent in the last year alone.

Bedtime shopping now accounts for one in 15 purchases made using John Lewis’ rewards credit card, according to the data.

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Women account for 66 per cent of night time spend, but men spend £3 more (£37) than women on average per purchase.

The most popular purchases made from the comfort of customers beds are duvet covers, sofa’s, sofa-beds and headphones, suggesting shoppers are searching for items which could aid their sleep or help them escape a snoring partner.

“Our research suggests shopping is now a 24-hour activity,” John Lewis director of financial services Mike Jackson said.

“More customers are shopping on their smartphones and tablet computers and it would appear many are using this technology to shop from the comfort of their own beds.”

Mental health charity The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute has responded to the study raising concerns that retailers were targeting vulnerable shoppers in the early hours.

It has previously criticised retailers for sending out promotional emails between midnight and 5am, concerned that shoppers with poor mental health could be driven into debt.

According to the Institute, there is a definitive correlations between poor mental health and reckless spending, with 93 per cent of respondents to a recent survey admitting they spent more when they were unwell.

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Ben StevensEcommerce News

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