Amazon “not effectively managing the problem” of potentially unsafe products


Amazon is “not effectively managing the problem” of potentially unsafe products posted on its platform, according to a former Amazon compliance manager.

Third-party sellers on Amazon’s platform have told CNBC that they were not asked by the ecommerce giant to provide the “required safety documentation” until two weeks after listing numerous toys.

According to an email sent to the publication, the sellers were not asked to provide any safety documentation prior to listing them, leaving Amazon’s platform open to potentially unsafe products.

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With over 2.5 million active third party sellers, its near impossible for the retail giant to check every new product and every different type of safety document before they’re posted.

Former Amazon compliance manager and chief executive of seller consultancy Cascadia Seller Solutions Johnson Greer told CNBC that Amazon was failing to manage this problem “effectively”, adding that a better approach would be to set up a more thorough onboarding process for certain categories like toys.

A spokesperson responded to the allegations stating that “All products offered in our stores must comply with applicable laws and regulations, and we regularly contact selling partners to request safety documentation to help ensure the products in our store meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s safety standards”.

It added that it request safety documentation “very shortly” after products are listed, and removes any sellers who fail to provide safety documentation immediately.

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