Amazon launches one-tap product review system trial

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Amazon is trialling a “one-tap” review system allowing customers to leave product feedback at the touch of a button.

The ecommerce giant is aiming to dramatically streamline the customer review process, encouraging those with little time or motivation to review their purchases to easily offer feedback.

Currently customers must fill out written reviews which include a review title and body of text regarding the item.

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Amazon’s one-tap trial allows users to simply select a star rating and click, presenting them with a green checkmark to confirm submission.

Only one-tap reviews from verified purchases will be added to the items’ overall star rating, in a measure designed to tackle fake reviews on the site influencing product sales.

Amazon has come under increasing pressure from consumer groups to do more to combat fake product reviews, which can have a significant impact on how prominently items appear in search listings and how likely users are to buy them.

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In August consumer watchdog Which? said it uncovered dozens of “fake review factories” on Facebook generating thousands of posts a day, offering to provide 5-star reviews on ecommerce sites for anyone willing to pay.

“We are testing a feature that allows customers to leave feedback easily while also helping shoppers get authentic customer ratings on products from a broader set of shoppers,” an Amazon spokesperson said, while confirming the new system was still in its trial phase.

One-tap ratings will also be accessible from a number of locations on Amazon’s website, including the “Your Orders” page, the product page or by responding to prompts from Amazon.

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