Ebay promises not to launch Christmas campaigns until November


Ebay has pledged not to launch any Christmas promotions until November, in a campaign poking fun at retailers who need “holiday chill”.

The ecommerce marketplace published a blogpost yesterday to mark 100 days until Christmas, criticising retailers who launch “holiday sales before Halloween” and stating that even the “Queen of Christmas” Maria Carey thinks it has gone too far.

Ebay said that instead of launching premature Christmas campaigns, it will focus on providing support for its sellers in the run up to their busiest time of year.

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“So rest assured, you won’t see any holiday ads, promotions, specials or sales from eBay until November,” it stated.

“Instead of bombarding you with holiday messages, we’ll be helping our sellers prepare for their busiest time… and maybe even finding fun ways to call out some of the competition for getting ahead of themselves.”

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