90% of shoppers worried about buying products on social media

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Over 90 per cent of shoppers are concerned about shopping on social media, despite nearly a third of them admitting to doing so.

Social media-based ecommerce has risen dramatically in recent years, with platforms such as Instagram shifting dramatically towards retail operations with the introduction of shoppable posts, and Facebook continuing to grow its marketplace arm.

However, according to a recent study from analytics firm MarkMonitor, 59 per cent of shoppers are worried about payment security while shopping online, while 55 per cent are worried about the safety of their personal details.

A further 47 per cent are concerned about buying fake items when purchasing on social media, alongside 56 per cent admitting concerns over the quality of their purchases.

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These concerns seem to be justified, with nearly a third of consumers saying they had unwittingly purchased fake goods, with 23 per cent of those purchasing their items via social media.

“With more people using social media and interest in it as a shopping channel on the rise, the number of purchases taking place over social media is likely to increase,” MarkMonitor’s vice president of marketing Chrissie Jamieson said.

“Our research highlights that regardless of where they shop online, consumers are still being targeted by counterfeiters and are looking to brands and social media platforms to safeguard them.

“Many social media platforms already have mechanisms in place to guard against the sale of the counterfeits and are constantly improving ways to detect and report fakes, but it’s clear that consumers feel more needs to be done by all stakeholders moving forward.”

More positively, 30 per cent said they were comfortable using their credit cards to make purchases via social media, while 66 per cent of shoppers said they trusted the information shown by shopping sites on social media.

Respondents also said they were more comfortable buying clothing, electronics and home accessories via social shopping platforms, while remaining skeptical about buying jewellery, holidays and health products.

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