30% of all ecommerce traffic comes from bots

Ecommerce retailers see more than 30 per cent of their traffic come from bots, as automated attacks on online retailers become more sophisticated.

Bot’s account for a staggering percentage of ecommerce website traffic across the globe, according to new research from Imperva, which found that just 69.2 per cent of traffic comes from humans.

Bad bots, responsible for launching price scraping, inventory checking, denial of inventory, scalping, customer account takeover, gift card abuse, spam comments and transaction fraud now account for 17.7 per cent of overall ecommerce traffic.

A futher 13.1 per cent of traffic comes from good bots, which although not human do not pose any sinister threat to retailers.

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According to the report, which looked at 16.4 billion requests from 231 domains during July this year, nearly 80 per cent of bot attacks are now classified as moderate or sophisticated, up from just over 75 per cent last year.

These attacks can ultimately lead to poor website performance and even downtime, resulting in lost revenue during peak traffic times.

“This study shows that bad bots cause round-the-clock damage on e-commerce websites, APIs and mobile apps,” Imperva’s vice president of bot management Tiffany Olson Kleemann said.

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“We agree with the approach taken in proposed legislation to ban the use of ‘Grinch bots’ and ‘sneaker bots,’ which are used to scalp limited edition, high-demand inventory, yet we know from first-hand experience that legal action alone is not enough.

“Online retailers must also practice good web security hygiene and take advantage of the technology solutions at their disposal to protect their websites and customers. Gaining a granular understanding of bot threats is a critical first step in the right direction.”

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