Amazon customers can now pay with cash


Amazon has announced the roll out of “Amazon PayCode”, allowing shoppers to purchase items online then pay using cash.

Amazon PayCode will give customers who choose the payment option a QR code at checkout and will then have 24 hours to visit one of 15,000 participating Western Union locations and pay for their items in cash.

“Amazon Cash”, also unveiled this week, will also let customers who prefer to use physical cash load funds onto their Amazon account to purchase items online at a later date.

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Customers are now able to add cash at 100,000 locations across the US including CVS, Rite Aid, GameStop and 7-Eleven stores, and now also Western Union locations.

Its PayCode service was launched in 19 countries earlier this year, largely in economies where cash is still the favoured form of payment, but will now be rolled our across the US.

These include Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Barbados, Costa Rica, Federated States of Micronesia, Kazakhstan, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Palau, Kenya, Tanzania and Uruguay.

Amazon has come under fire in the past from US regulators for now allowing users to pay in cash at its Amazon Go grocery stores.

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Earlier this year legislators in Philadelphia passed a law stating that almost all businesses in the city will be required by law to accept cash payments and any retailers who fail to accept cash could face a fine of up to $2000.

In April Amazon responded to the legislation, which threatened to expand to more states across the US by announced its high-tech grocery stores, originally designed to be cashless, would now begin accepting cash.

In the US, cash payments are still the preferred method of payment representing 31 per cent of all transactions.

This morning it was revealed that in the UK card payments now account for almost 80 per cent of retail purchases according to the BRC.

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