Amazon adding Alexa to earbuds, glasses and a ring while introducing celebrity voices


Amazon has revealed a raft of new Alexa and other smart devices during its Alexa event as it seeks to beef up its own-brand tech offering.

These included some outlandish new Alexa-enabled devices including glasses, a ring and an oven, while also introducing some new celebrity voice upgrades for Alexa from the likes of Samuel L. Jackson.

Its new range of Echo devices headlined the event, including an Echo Dot with an inbuilt digital alarm clock. The digital display’s brightness can be adjusted, and it will also display the weather and a countdown timer on request.

Amazon also announced a $200 Echo Studio, a more heavy-duty smart speaker including a 5.25 inch subwoofer, five drivers and 3D audio and Dolby Atmos support.

In a challenge to Apple’s popular wireless earbuds, Amazon has also introduced $129 Echo Buds which include Bose’s active noise reduction technology, allow you to talk to Alexa on the go and will play music for up to five hours.

Other assistants which are likely to be available on users’ phones, such as Siri or Google Assistant, will also be accessible via the Echo Buds with the touch of a button.

An Echo Glow, which resembles a nightlight and can change colour on command, and an Echo Flex designed especially for use in a user’s bathroom were also revealed.

Even more outlandish were the Echo Frames, a pair of Alexa-enabled glasses which include a micro-phone and four micro speakers in the frame.

A wearable smart ring called an Echo Loop was also unveiled, which alongside the Echo Frames are currently only in beta stages of development.

Alongside all the new hardware were some exciting software announcements including multi-lingual mode. This will allow Alexa to speak both Spanish and English in the US, French and English in Canada and Hindi and English in the India.

Celebrity voices have also been announced, with Samuel L. Jackson’s voice the first to be revealed and more reportedly in the works.

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