Ikea’s AR app now lets you visualise entire rooms and introduces visual search


Ikea’s newly updated augmented reality app now allows users virtually visualise an entire room full of new furniture, rather that one item at a time.

The Ikea Place app, originally launched in 2017, allows users to superimpose accurate 3D digital renderings of its products onto their smartphone camera feeds, letting them see how furniture would fit in their homes before committing to a purchase.

The next iteration of the app, which is now available for iOS and will soon be released for Android, uses artificial intelligence to render numerous pieces of furniture, meaning users can virtually fit out a whole room with furniture.

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Developed by Ikea’s experimental Space10 lab, the newly updates app will give customers home furnishing tips and recommendations based on the consumers behaviour and context.

It will also enable customers to scan pieces of furniture they like with their smartphone camera, and find the most similar products available to buy from Ikea’s extensive catalogue.

“Sometimes we all need that little bit of inspiration that sparks new ideas,” Ikea’s digital transformation leader Gerry Rogers said.

“That’s exactly what we want to achieve with Ikea Place. In the bigger perspective, Ikea Place is not about AR or AI. It’s about making Ikea home furnishing expertise more accessible. To do so, we are looking into the newest technologies, not for the sake of technology, but to create a better everyday life for the many people.”

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