Google makes “significant updates” to its smart clothing tech Jacquard


Google has made “significant updates” to its wearable Jacquard technology, which allows users to control their devices with their clothes.

Jacquard is Google’s “ambient computing” project, which is integrated into various items of clothing in partnership with retailers including Levi’s and Saint Laurent, allowing users to control certain applications using gestures.

Its newly redesigned Jacquard app and new Jacquard Tag, the central sensor powering the technology, allows users to control music and navigation with their “smart clothing” and receive alerts like text messages and rideshare notifications.

Google has now integrated its Google Assistant features like traffic and news updates, alongside new camera control abilities.

Jacquard is currently integrated into Levi’s Trucker and Sherpa Jackets for both men and women, currently sold across six markets.

In August Google also announced a partnership with Saint Laurent to integrate its technology into its Cit-E backpack

“We want everyone to have easy access to various digital functionalities through their everyday, ordinary things,” Google said.

“Thanks to ambient computing, those things can be much more helpful while remaining true to their original purpose—like being your favorite jacket, backpack or a pair of shoes that you love to wear.”

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