Amazon could face class action lawsuit over workers wages as Supreme Court throws out appeal


Amazon has seen its appeal thrown out by the US Supreme Court and could now face a class action lawsuit over its warehouse workers’ pay.

The complex legal case has been ongoing since 2010 when a group of warehouse workers filed a lawsuit against Amazon over lengthy security checks at the end of their shifts which they were not being paid for.

In the original suit, the plaintiffs argued that the mandatory “post-9/11 type of airport security” checks which took 25 minutes should count as paid work time.

The US Supreme Court ruled in favour of Amazon in 2014 stating that it was not required to pay employees for time spent doing things not integral to their job.

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However, the plaintiffs then sought to get their suit heard in a state court, which the Supreme Court doesn’t have direct control over.

Now Nevada’s state court says that due to it interpreting the word “work” differently than the federal government, the suit can be heard.

Amazon has subsequently tried to block the case being heard in Nevada by filing an appeal with the Supreme Court, which was today thrown out by judges.

This means that the original case is likely to be heard in Nevada, and could well snowball into a class action lawsuit involving cases in other states as well.

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