Amazon’s key spokesperson trashes Trump administration


Amazon’s top spokesperson Jay Carney has hit out at the Trump administration questions its practices, honesty and patriotism.

Carney, who joined Amazon in 2015 after serving as Barack Obama’s press secretary, drew comparisons between the current administration and its predecessors during an interview at Seattle’s GeekWire Summit yesterday.

Referring to the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations, Carney said: “Virtually with no exception, everyone I dealt with in those administrations, whether I personally agreed or disagreed with what they thought were the right policy decisions or the right way to approach things, I never doubted that they were patriots.

“I don’t feel that way now.”

He went on to criticise Trump’s repeated attacks on the Federal Reserve and its decisions regarding interest rates, stating that it was “drummed into his head” not to mention these when he was a government official, adding “I guess they didn’t get that memo in the current White House”.

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Furthermore, Carney stated that he had never lied on behalf of the White House, but said that “there doesn’t seem to be that standard today.”

Amazon and its chief executive Jeff Bezos have long drawn the ire of the US president, who has repeatedly criticised the company over pay rates and its ownership of The Washington Post, which is highly critical of Trump.

Though the retailer goes out of its way to avoid engaging in politics (in public at least), Carney’s statements are likely to further aggravate their relationship.

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