Amazon to partner with Ford to create the largest electric vehicle charging network in North America


Amazon is partnering with Ford to build the largest electric car charging network in North America and bring charging points into peoples’ homes.

Ford has announced plans to invest $11 billion in electric vehicles and aims to see over half its sales made from them by 2020.

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The US’ second largest carmaker plans to install around 35,000 charging points across 12,000 locations, using DC fast chargers to allow car owners to recharge their batteries in just minutes.

Amazon will work with Ford to create a new home charging mechanism, which will be installed by Amazon Home Services.

The ecommerce giant embarked on a similar project with Audi last year to develop home charging point for electric vehicles.

Customers will reportedly be able to track the status of their charge using Ford’s app, and the DC fast chargers will be capable of providing enough power to drive 47 miles with just 10 minutes of charge.

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