Feelunique launches initiative to list every ingredient in all its products by 2020


Feelunique has a new initiative which seeks to use technology to help shoppers “understand exactly what is in the products they are buying”.

“Beauty Decoded by Feelunique” will utilise Evrelab’s technology to give in depth information on each ingredient used in its products, including how it may affect individual users and what alternatives are available.

Evrelab, founded in 2015, is Europe’s first “transparency technology platform” and is able to recognise and interpret over 250,000 different ingredient variations and provide scientifically backed information on their benefits and functionalities.

The pair have pledged to “decode” 5325 ingredients in total and provide full data for all Feelunique’s product listings by 2020.

“Transparency is one of our core brand ideals, a natural extension of that is to provide helpful information in relation to ingredients and their benefits,” Feelunique’s chief merchandising officer Jennifer Roebuck said.

“Our vision to provide a knowledge driven digital shopping experience starts with transparency and we will build on this over time as we learn more about what matters to our customers and how transparency evolves in the beauty industry.”

Evrelab’s chief executive Jo Osborne added: “We are thrilled to be working with Feelunique on this incredibly important issue of ingredient transparency. We all have a right to know what we are putting on our skin, our largest organ and are delighted to be working with Feelunique to help educate and inform their customers – so we can all make the best decisions independently, for ourselves.”

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