Under Armour has created world’s first space suits “specifically for private astronauts”


Under Armour has created the world’s first spacesuit “created specifically for private astronauts” in partnership with Virgin Galactic.

Virgin Galactic, the world’s first “space tourism” venture, is set to begin offering customers the chance to enter pre-orbital space next year for the eye-watering sum of $250,000.

Passengers aboard the VSS Unity will be fitted with personalised spacesuits created by sportswear giant Under Armour, designed to withstand the g-forces, weightlessness temperature changes experienced in space travel.

The suit, which will include the national flag and name badge of every flight’s six passengers, was designed with the help of astronaut trainers, doctors and pilots.

A communication’s button which will connect to an earpiece will be built into the left sleeve of the suit so passengers can communicate with the pilots during the flight.

Despite being made from a range of high-tech materials including celliant yarn, which helps muscles recover using infrared heat, the suit will be entirely machine washable allowing customers to wear it long past their flight is over.

According to Virgin Galactic, more than 600 customers have already signed up to visit space, and its founder Richard Branson says the project is feeling “very real, very exciting, very close”.

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