Rebag launches worlds first instant appraisal app for luxury handbags

Rebag has launched the world’s first AI-powered instant appraisal app allowing users to pinpoint the resale value of their goods immediately.

Clair, the luxury handbag resale giant’s new feature, has reportedly been in production since Rebag launched in 2014.

Using Rebag’s app or website users can input the exact model and condition of their handbag, then instantly receive its current market value.

Clair will cross reference more than 10,000 bags from over 50 brands to determine an accurate market price, and will subsequently give users the option to sell their item to Rebag for the quoted price.

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“With more and more consumers contemplating the resale value of their luxury purchases, we’ve created a taxonomy that provides a more transparent way for consumers to shop more wisely,” Rebag’s founder and chief executive Charles Gorra said.

“We’ve spent years gathering data and analyzing the luxury handbag market. Clair is our way of sharing that knowledge with the world – and it’s only the beginning.”

“Pricing in the luxury industry is very opaque and mysterious. Clair lifts the curtain currently on the market and know the value of their purchase upfront. It also eliminates the friction and hesitation consumers feel when it comes to resale due to the sheer convenience.”

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