Amazon to make 2-hour grocery delivery free for all Prime subscribers

Amazon is rolling out free two-hour grocery delivery to all of its Prime members without them having to subscribe to Amazon Fresh.

Prime members across 2000 locations eligible for the service will no longer have to pay an extra $14.99 (£6.99 in the UK) a month to use Amazon Fresh and can now order from its entire grocery range.

Products ranging from fresh vegetables to spirits will now be available for one-hour and two-hour delivery Prime subscribers, in a move its vice president of grocery delivery Stephanie Landry called a “game changer”.

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The initiative will be introduced in phases and launch on an invite-only basis for Prime members who currently subscribe to Amazon Fresh or who’ve frequently ordered deliveries from Whole Foods.

Other prime members can request invitations for the service, though no details about when it will be available to all subscribers have been released.

Though Amazon Fresh is available to 2000 cities across the US, Amazon announced in June that it was introducing the service to 69 postcodes in London, before expanding to other parts of the city.

“Prime members love the convenience of free grocery delivery on Amazon, which is why we’ve made Amazon Fresh a free benefit of Prime, saving customers $14.99 per month,” Landry said.

“Grocery delivery is one of the fastest growing businesses at Amazon, and we think this will be one of the most-loved Prime benefits.”

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  • Well it’s not going to be free is it, you have to pay for amazon prime to get it.

    • Yep, that’s why the headline says its “free for all PRIME SUBSCRIBERS”

      • Yes but they aren’t doing it to give them something free, it’s to try get more people to subscribe to prime isn’t it.

        Whatever! It isn’t even in England anyway is it?!


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