£111,000 taken from hundreds of customers in Currys PC World Ebay hack


Currys PC World customers have been defrauded out of £111,000 after the retailer’s Ebay site fell victim to a major hacking scam.

Ebay listings from the technology retailer, which is part of the Dixons Carphone group, were targeted by hackers who changed the PayPal details to siphon money to themselves, according to the Daily Mail.

Items including iPhone 11s saw their PayPal email addresses changed to nearly indistinguishable ones by hackers, who would change one letter from an uppercase to a lowercase so as not to be noticed.

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Around 600 people are understood to have paid money into hackers PayPal accounts on October 19 and 20, and the final figure could be close to half a million pounds.

PayPal has said that refunds will appear in customers accounts in the “coming days”, while Ebay said the issue “was resolved quickly and customers can continue to shop with full confidence”.

A Dixons Carphone spokesperson said it was working with Ebay to “investigate what had taken place”.

They added: “While we don’t host this website, we are providing affected customers with guidance on how to obtain a refund from PayPal.”

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  • This shows how easy it is to happen to companies of any size as sales channels spread further out of the company’s control.
    Although pretty sure the facts are incorrect. The uppercase to lowercase change would not cause an issue as email addresses aren’t case sensitive.

  • Change a lower case l for lemon to upper case I for indigo.


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