Amazon has employed more staff than any of the Big 5 tech companies since 2000


Amazon has created more jobs than any of the Big 5 tech companies since 2000, expanding its headcount 72-fold since the turn of the century.

Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon have collectively employed over 1 million people between 2000 and 2018, according to a new analysis from CNBC.

Last year Amazon employed 648,000 workers, dramatically overshadowing its nearest contender Apple which had 131,000 employees.

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While Amazon’s staggering numbers are down to the hundreds of thousands of workers it employs in its vast fulfilment centres, many of whom work part-time, Apple is also understood to be second highest thanks to its considerable retail workforce.

Microsoft, which also employs many retail workers, came just behind Apple with 131,000 workers, while Facebook employed the least with just 36,000.

Google’s owner Alphabet has seen the biggest growth since the turn of the millennium, and is now 347 times the size it was in 2001 with 99,000 workers.

Despite adding so many jobs, its worth noting that the disruption these five companies have caused to their respective industries have likely contributed to the loss of large numbers of jobs.

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