Fashion pop-up selling only virtual clothes to launch in London

Hot Second is set to launch a pioneering physical pop-up store in the heart of London which only sells digital clothes.

Opening at Protein Studios in Shoreditch from tomorrow until Thursday November 21, the experience will require customers to donate an “unloved” item of clothing to an installation dubbed “Love not Landfill”.

They will then be handed a token granting them entry to a futuristic ‘pod’, where a digital tailor will unveil a mixed reality magic mirror, allowing users to virtually try on a selection of digital clothes.

Digital garments will range from streetwear to couture and be designed by the likes of The Fabricant, Carlings/VIRTUE and Christopher Raeburn.

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There will also be live customisation stations for those who prefer to upcycle their clothes, run by artists including Frankie Noller and Giulio Miglietta.

The project was founded by Karinna Nobbs in collaboration with innovation studio Holition and 3D artist Emily Switzer.

“When you work in a digital medium you rarely get to see any physical manifestation of that work, but this project will allow people to connect and enjoy my 3D garments in a palpable way, and as an artist it’s always a pleasure to see how people will react to your work,” Switzer said.

Holition’s chief executive Jonathan Chippindale added: “This project fundamentally addresses two issues that interest us, one is around sustainability, and what that actually means in relation to the circular economy, recycling and reusing products and maximising the lifespan of a product.

“The other element is digital. We are always interested in ideas which are at the beginning of their journey and digital clothing could well be a very big thing in the future, but the only way to understand it is to explore it and get consumers reactions.”

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