Black Friday starts tomorrow according to Ebay

Black Friday starts tomorrow according to a new report from Ebay which suggests shoppers start actively searching for bargains nine days before the event.

Ebay Advertising says that in 2018 searches for Black Friday deals on its platform skyrocketed 73 per cent on the Wednesday a week before the event.

On the day itself Ebay says searches for consumer tech items, where Black Friday deals are traditionally focused, jumped even higher with 163 searches for TVs and 86 searches for laptops being made every minute.

However, as Ebay EU’s director of advertising and sales Mike Klinkhammer pointed out, shoppers and retailers alike are expanding their shopping scope to include a range of big-ticket items.

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“With Black Friday falling so close to both payday and Christmas this year, shoppers will be out in full force as they look to snag big-ticket items at small prices,” he said.

Last year searches for beds and mattresses also shot up overnight on Black Friday by 19 and 28 per cent respectively, as shoppers sought to grab bargains on high-value items.

A myriad of other categories also enjoyed significant boosts during last year’s event, with Ebay’s ‘clothes, shoes and accessories’ category seeing a 36 per cent sales boost compared to the same day a week earlier.

Sportwear giant Adidas saw a 25 per cent overnight boost in sales, purchases of golf clubs and ski jackets rose 21 and 23 per cent respectively, while even vehicle parts and accessories witnessed an 11 per cent rise in purchases.

“We’re seeing sales spread across more verticals than ever before, meaning consumers can bag a bargain for everything from sofas to sports equipment,” Klinkhammer added.

“But our data shows that consumers are looking for ideas and inspiration long before the day itself – and that presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers. By engaging with their target audiences well in advance, brands can ensure they are front of mind when the money starts to flow.”

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