Shpock undergoes major overhaul adding in-app payment functionality

Shpock has undergone a major revamp adding a host of new features including in-app payments and buyer protection.

The resale marketplace, which was the UK’s most downloaded marketplace app last year and now boasts over 10 million users, has undergone its most significant overhaul since it was founded in 2011.

Its buying process has undergone a complete overhaul, now allowing buyers and sellers to transfer money directly through the app, like conventional marketplaces.

Prior to this, Shpock customers would have to exchange cash when they went to collect their item.

We reviewed Shpock before these changes here. 

In light of its new transactional functionality Shpock has also introduced Buyer Protection guarantees, allowing users to get up to £1000 back on their purchases if their items arrive damaged.

Previously marketed as a “local way to buy and sell from your neighbours”, Shpock’s new functionality also opens it sellers up to shoppers nationwide, not just locally.

It has also moved away from its haggling model, in which buyers and sellers would have to message back and forth to agree on a price, adding an instant “Buy Now” button.

“At Shpock, we have always listened to feedback from our community of buyers and sellers and used their insights to make our platform better and better,” chief executive Esteve Jané said.

“Today’s new features mark our biggest evolution yet, transforming Shpock from a local way to buy and sell from your neighbours, into an open yet secure online marketplace.

“As we move away from a throw-away culture, Shpock is the perfect platform for buying things you’ll love, while giving things you used to love a new lease of life.”

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