This app will automatically tell you the carbon footprint of your shopping

Finnish payment provider Enfuce has developed a new app which accurately calculates shoppers’ carbon footprints, which hopes to drive a “huge change” in how people shop.

My Carbon Actions is the company’s new app which uses purchase data from retailers alongside data from credit cards and banks to provide an automatic real-time calculation of how their purchases affect the climate.

Around 70 per cent of global carbon emissions can currently be attributed to end users, and tackling the throwaway culture of modern retail is set to be a major battleground in tackling climate change.

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The app will calculate your carbon footprint down to individual products, and then provide suggestions of how to reduce their carbon impact.

This differs greatly from current carbon calculators, which require users to input reems of data manually.

Enfuce is already working with Amazon and Mastercard and is reportedly in talks with major banks.

Though it will initially only be available in Finland, Enfuce said the app is scalable worldwide.

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