New 3D body scanning platform creates personal avatar for customers from two photos

A new 3D body scanning solution can build a personal avatar for customers from just two smartphone photographs.

Launched this week, meepl has been developed by engineering graduated at prestigious university ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

It enables shoppers to create their own 3D body avatar by taking two pictures in specific poses.

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That data gives meepl enough information to create an avatar using AI, creating more than 45 body measurements for trying on clothes – which meep says is comparable to using a professional tailor.

The 3D body avatar can then be used to virtually try on clothes in meep’s Virtual Dressing Room.

The solution has been designed to integrate with retailers’ own e-commerce platforms, enabling shoppers to work out which size of garment will fit them best, all in virtual reality.

Meepl claims that the solution will reduce return rates and increase the use of online shopping, with 41 per cent of shoppers currently purchasing clothes in multiple sizes with the intention of returning those that do not fit, and 21 per cent avoiding online shopping altogether over fitting fears.

While many retailers, including ASOS, are already trialing 3D body scanning for virtual changing rooms, meepl believes its technology is the first to create an avatar from just two images.

“Retail businesses are increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Technology has developed exponentially over the last few years and the realms of what is now possible are exciting for both retailers and shoppers,” said meepl chief executive Ferdinand Metzler.

“Online retail businesses that explore Virtual Dressing Room solutions will better assist customers to experience the look, style and fit of garments on their own personalised 3D version of their body. The addition of this experience to the online shopping journey will help to tackle the need for unnecessary returns, and improve the purchase success rates,” Metzler added.

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