Black Friday emails produce same carbon emissions as 4000 return flights from London to New York

Black Friday emails are responsible for massive carbon emissions equivalent to 4000 return flights from London to New York.

Ovo, the UK based green energy company, has released a striking new report detailing the carbon footprint of our emails.

According to Mike Berners-Lee, professor at Lancaster University and brother of the inventor of the internet, each email we send produces 1 gram of carbon due to the electricity used to send and display it.

In 2018 consumers received 80.6 million shopping related emails throughout November, an average of 2.7 million emails per day.

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Email volumes jump a whopping 47 per cent on Black Friday and 30 per cent on Cyber Monday

In the UK that means the number of emails sent on Black Friday in 2017 generated 3.5 billion grams of carbon, and 4.2 billion grams of carbon in 2018.

Each year adds up to around 4000 tonnes of carbon, which is the equivalent to 4000 return flights from London to New York, each taking 968kg of carbon, according to Cleanfox.

These figures are part of a wider report into the carbon cost of spam emails, 64 million of which are sent in the UK every day.

The report states that if each person sent one less email a day, 16,433 tonnes of carbon would be saved every year, the equivalent of 81,152 flights to Madrid or 3334 diesel cars being taken off the road.

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