hires origami master to combat Black Friday mayhem

Ecommerce this week revealed it has employed an origami master to help its staff through the busiest time of the retail calendar.

While employees are geared up for large levels of trading today for Black Friday, the online-only retailer decided to offer its staff free sessions in the art of Japanese paper folding at its Bolton headquarters in the run up to today’s promotional activities.

READ MORE: launches innovation lab to find “digital disruptors” said around one hundred employees had attended over the last few weeks, with origami master YumiMakes showing staff how to make baubles, icicles and Christmas trees.

“Black Friday is another level of busy even for a fast paced business like AO,” said managing director Dave Lawson.

“It’s an exciting time and we want the AO team to enjoy the buzz, which means giving them chance to take a break from the day job and while origami might sound unusual, it’s actually a perfect way to distract yourself and relax.  We came up with idea after choosing origami as our creative theme for the website, which is how we met Yumi.  She’s given everyone who attended the ability to create both a zen-like calm and some cool paper objects!  For me, it’s a simple formula – a happy team makes for happy customers.”

“With practice, Origami can become a form of focused attention meditation which has been shown to stabilise the mind and promote the moment of calmness,” explained YumiMakes.

“For busy people, taking just 30 minutes out of your schedule for origami helps to build resilience and happiness.  I hope that applies to the people I’ve met at AO during this busy time of year for them all.”

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